Magic storm (Draft)

This tale was created by boy Timofei, of 7 years. 

Every summer, Timofei came to Grandma's village.In this summer he came again.Granny gladly met her grandson. At this time she looked a little wistful, but Timofei didn't realize this. He had a lot of interesting cases.

Someday began a storm. Timofei saw a lot of thunderstorms and liked to walk before it starts. But this storm was not the same at all other storms. Grandma said: - Just don't come out behind the gate. 

As always Timofei put on a jacket with hood and went to look at the stormy sky.  Around the house was quiet, but behind the gates blew very strong wind. There is almost nothing to be seen. Timofei was a very curious, and he thought: - I just quickly look what there. He opened the gate. There flew leaves, twigs and silage from the neighbour's barn. Timofei  saw two boys who were going somewhere. They cover their faces from the wind.

 -Hurry Up! -He screamed and waved his hands - The storm will be stronger! - The boys hurried, but one of them was fell. - Help us! - Timofei heard. - My brother fell and can't stand up! - The distance to the boys was five meters. - I can't go beyond the gates. - Timofei didn't know what to do. Grandma's forbidden to go out, and the wind started to blow harder. - What do I do? - The second boy couldn't get up. His leg's stuck in the sand. - Okay, I'm just going to help the boys. - He thought.

He went out to the gate, It was very hard to go, The wind tried to knock him down. Timofei went a little forward and looked back, can I see the gate. He came to the boys and started helping. With the second boy, they pulled the third one. Timofei looked back, the gate was not visible due to the flying leaves and dust. - Quickly let's go! - Timofei said and dragged one of the boys.But he's not moving. Timofei dragged him harder. - Go! The rain will start now! Finally  he focused, he pulled the boy and fell. Timofei looked and saw a stick in his hand, And instead of guys, they driftwood. - Was it a dream? - What about the voices? - Let's get out!


The wind became stronger, it  began to take the bushes.  Timofei started to go back. Now the gate was not visible. Then he realized he was lost. The boy got scared. He decided to wait until the storm was over and hid behind the well of aunt Zina. He approached this and was waiting.

Ten minutes later, the sky became lighter. Timofei stood up, shook. His eyes didn't believe ... Instead of a grandmother's house the  fields. Instead of Aunt Zina's house - the bushes. Instead of well - the old tree. - What happened to the village?.. Where am I? - Timofei began to look around. The Far was a small town, along the town was a wild river and small ships and fishing boats at the pier. The storm went into the mountains. Timofei thought: - If the storm brought me here, then it will bring me back. Suddenly, he heard screams and hoots. Timofei turned around, the several riders approach.

With fear, Timofei screamed and ran away from them to the thunderstorm. He ran as fast as he could. The screams in the back is not ends, there was a moat ahead and the storm was there. Last burst!..  Leap!...

And suddenly he woke up. There was a grandmother sitting in front of him and applying his forehead with a wet sponge. - Why didn't you listen to me? - Grandma said. - But I am ... But the boys were ... - Did was a  dream? - Timofei sat in bed and looked at the chair.  Two dirty boots standing here and the jacket didn't have a hood.

On the street, there were two driftwoods next to the well. Strangely, they were very similar to people's shapes.